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What We Teach Our Children

All people are born equal and free. Then what happens to us? We are not born with hate in our hearts. We don't know what prejudice is. We have to be taught all these things as children. Is this right? Is this what should be taught to children to perpetuate something they know nothing about, except what they are told by someone who knew only what they were told, and with each telling it gets worse than before, or totally changed?

This creates hatred and intolerance toward a whole race of people, or people who follow a certain religion, or have different beliefs. There is a fear of what is unknown, and it is this fear that causes intolerance, and intolerance breeds hate. It is because of man's intolerance to man that the problems arise.

What we fear, we want to defeat in some way. Show we are stronger by destroying, subjugating, taking someting away. If it is a country, we take their land and other valuables. We seem to have forgotten that all things come from God, and not from man. Yet we seem to believe that everything has come from man. Which is true to a certain extent. The different countries, beliefs, cultures, and even our religions are man made. These things not only separate us from each other, but from God.

No one owns anything. We just use it. God placed us here to be caretakers, and we are supposed to be making it a good place for all people, not destroying it. But we are not doing a very good job. In fact, we are doing our best to see that the human race is eliminated from the earth. Maybe that would be best. Let the beasts of the world take care of it. At least they do not kill each other en masse.

Everything comes from God. When we remember this, start giving thanks to Him, and stop fighting over "things," the world will be a better place.

Jan Haile Clark