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A Mother's Lament

My heart is breaking, crying,
For all the people fighting, dying.
So many dreams laid to rest,
Being impotent, what truth can I invest,
What meritorious act can I achieve?
Maybe I am too naive.
There is nothing I can do alone
While vultures pick clean the bone
Of what used to be my family.
Are we suffering from some malady
That hides the fact we are related,
And as such should not be hated?
What are the reasons that we fight,
Do they prove who is right?
No, only who is stronger!
We cannot do this any longer.
It is time for all wars to cease.
Why can't we just live in peace?
How many mothers have to cry
For all the children who must die?
An end to fighting is what I pray
At the beginning and end of each day.
Won't you put an end to this torment?
Please listen, heed a mother's lament.

Jan Haile Clark