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Listen to me my friends and brothers
This isn't something we leave to others
If children grow a fathers and mothers
We must stop this hatred that smothers

About one another we all should care
Building up friendships we can share
Speaking out for the weak if we dare
We must make this a worldwide affair

We have to bring peace into this world
Before our lifespan has been unfurled
And we see every dream being hurled
Into the abyss all blackened and curled

Caring for each other we have to elect
This is not something we can neglect
It is simply a matter of showing respect
And treating others the way we'd expect

This is not a difficult thing for us to do
It all begins with me caring about you
When you begin to care about me too
We then share it with more than a few

This is the only way to bring out peace
To cause all wars and fighting to cease
We must our hatreds and fears release
So tolerance and care we can increase

Jan Haile Clark